All prices listed below are subject to change without notice and reflect only a portion of the legal services provided by Fidelis Law. Payment plans are available for most services listed. 


Incorporation: $ 800.00

  • Corporation or LLC

  • Consultation with Attorney (1hr)

  • Drafting and Filing of Articles of Incorporation with CA Secretary of State

  • Obtain EIN 

  • Drafting of Bylaws/ Operating Agreement

  • Drafting and Filing of Statement of Incorporation

  • (Does not include filing fees and leather bound book)

Contract Creation/Review: $300/hr​

Employee Manual: $1200.00


Full Representation Divorce: $5,000 deposit for retainer

  • Full analysis of all issues, filing of petition/response

  • (Does not include filing fees)

  • Upon analysis, client may qualify to have attorney fees paid by the other party

Limited Scope Services​

  • Request for Order to Establish/ Modify: $1750.00

       (for each additional issue add $400.00)

       ( if there is a basis for an emergency order, an                         additional $600.00 will be added)

  1. Child Custody​/ Visitation

  2. Spousal Support

  3. Property Control

  4. Bifurcation of Marital Status

  5. Vacate a Default

Appearance at a hearing: $500.00 for local courthouses​

(San Bernardino, Pomona, Riverside) 

Establishing Paternity: $2,500.00, uncontested


Landlord Services:

  1. Eviction: $750.00, (court filing and service of process fees not included and vary)

  • Includes: Drafting and Serving Notice to Pay/Quit, filing and serving complaint, obtain either default judgment or judgment by trial​ and writ of possession

Tenant Services:​

  •  ​Eviction Defense: $350.00 for Answer

  • Appearance at Trial: $500.00 for local courts

           (Fontana, Pomona, Riverside)​

  • Commercial Lease Negotiation: $700.00 for up to 2 hrs of review 


Two Settlor Full Estate Plan: $3,500.00

  • Revocable Living Trust, and Trust Transfer Deed for up to two properties

  • Mutual Pour Over Will

  • Advanced Healthcare Directive

  • Power of Attorney

Single Settlor Estate Plan: $2,000.00

Estate Plan without Revocable Living Trust:

   $2, 500.00 two settlor

    $1,000.00 single settlor

A la Carte: 

  • Revocable Living Trust:

    • $2,250 for two Settlor​

    • $1,000 for single Settlor


Chapter 7 Only: $1,500.00

  • Up to 15 Creditors

  • Includes, Consultation with Attorney, preparation and E-Fling of petition (Joint or single), Representation at Meeting of Creditors

  • 2 Bureau Credit Report

  • Pre-Petition Counseling and 2nd Education course

  • Does not include Filing Fee of $335.00

  • Up to one Reaffirmation Agreement


                                          We don't get paid,unless you get paid

In order to recover the maximum, you must be suffering an injury. The most important thing you can do after an accident is to seek immediate medical treatment. The attorney will analyze the facts surrounding your accident and will decide whether there are sufficient grounds to establish a negligent or purposeful act. 

Most attorneys will reject your case if they find the following issues.

  • You are liable/responsible for causing the accident

  • You do not have injuries

  • Too much time has passed before seeking medical treatment

  • You have a pre-existing injury that was not treated or diagnosed.

CIVIL LITIGATION: Initial Deposit varies, depending on complexity of the case, runs between $2,500- $7,000

Each civil case is different and requires its own analysis. 

Depending on the matter, it may be taken upon a contingency agreement. 

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