Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Custody Support and Visitation, Spousal Support and Division of Community Property are emotionally charged family law issues where Fidelis Law can help. We are compassionate and understanding of your unique situation. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully informed of your rights, to do an exhaustive research into the issues affecting your decisions and to strongly advocate for your goals.

Our approach to family law issues is based upon our desire to make your case as stress free and straightforward as possible. We offer creative solutions to get the results you want at a cost effective price.

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We offer high-quality and personal representation in the following matters:

Divorce: We work to minimize the stress of a divorce, especially when children are involved. Most of the time we can settle a case out of court, however if litigation is necessary we are there for you.

Legal Separation: Sometimes couples may want to remain married yet live apart and have issues of money, child custody, property and support be determined by a court order. We help couples who have come to terms about their relationship reach a legal separation.

Child custody and visitation: We help clients resolve custody and visitation disputes. In any case our duty will always be representing the best interest of the child or children.

Military divorce: Special rules may apply in family law matters when a party is on active duty in the military or is a veteran. We handle military divorces for members of the armed services and their spouses.

Community property rights: We use our extensive knowledge backed by the latest case law of California to make sure your rights are treated fairly in the division of community property.

Community Property business and cash flow: For any businesses owned by a spouse or between them, it must be properly evaluated to include cash flow so that spousal and child support can be properly determined.

Spousal support or alimony: Whether you may be the recipient or payor of alimony depends on several factors unique to your marriage. We are here to help you determine your position.

Child support: Unfortunately, child support is often one of the most contested issues in a divorce or parentage case, nonetheless we are there to help you determine what is fair and what is according to the law.

Wage garnishment or collections of support arrears: We assists in the creation, modification and termination of wage assignments as well as determination and collection of arrears

Parental rights or paternity: Even if there is no dispute about who is the father, establishing parental relationships, often referred to as paternity, creates a legal relationship between a parent and a child. Once the legal aspect is determined, we can help you establish your legal rights and responsibilities.

Modifications of custody and support: When there is a substantial change in circumstances by one of the parties, the court can change or modify the current custody and support orders.

Domestic violence: Being accused of or accusing someone of domestic violence is a jarring and pivotal course of action that should always be thought out clearly. This is the so called nuclear option in a divorce or custody proceeding and you would greatly benefit from a consultation with us.