civil litigation

When it comes to trying a matter in court, you want a firm that will be upfront and honest with you. Most often there are only two sides to a claim, the Plaintiff and the Defendant. 

From a Plaintiff's perspective, you have several methods of litigating your claim; you can be ultra aggressive, conservative or wait and see. 

To be ultra aggressive, it requires a dedicated team that will be at your fingertips for any concern, this will no doubt be the most expensive form of litigation. 

If your are looking to keep cost low, then you will want to take a conservative approach that will involve the most minimal attorney time, perhaps even making sure that you are in charge of developing the case. 

Finally, there is the wait and see method, which will require you to keep your guard up and developing a contingency plan for each turn of events.

From a Defendant's point of view, your position is simple; let the Plaintiff try and prove their case or aggressively defend your position, perhaps file counter claims and cross claims. 

At Fidelis Law, we can help you, with whatever position you wish to take. To date we have represented clients in the following matters:

Unlicensed Contractor

Negligence Claims  

Breach of Contract- Purchase or Sale of Business/  Purchase or Sale of Real Property

Homeowner’s Bill of Rights/ Foreclosure Defense

Americans with Disabilities Act Defense 

Collections Defense


Property Damage

Unlicensed Contractor Defense